Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and inspiration for HBO’s hit series True Blood, invites you to be the Vampire. Play as Dahlia, a vampire with a devastating sense of fashion and a razor-sharp wit, on an epic hunt to find a legendary sun potion. Get the first four episodes in one low-priced download.

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Explore this original vampire adventure through 4 episodes within this 1 bone chilling game:
Episode 1

Dahlia travels to the Cirque Terrible in New Orleans, and discovers she’s not the only one looking for a legendary sun potion. Meet Johnny Ghoul, a human detective that seems to be on her trail, and Cinnamon, a vampire-sniffing dog who may be more than he appears.

Episode 2

Dahlia learns that the ingredients and recipe for the sun potion have been scattered among fleeing circus members. Experience a shocking attack raising questions about Felix, the prop-master for Cirque Terrible. Meet Tinderbell, a vampire with a fiery personality.

Episode 3

Dahlia travels to Memphis to track down The Glutton of Gilborne. While there she has a run in with Johnny Ghoul and out of annoyance decides to take him captive. Meet a pig who isn’t what he seems and encounter a ghost with blue suede shoes.

Episode 4

Dahlia’s search for the sun potion sends her to Charleston where she meets Estrella, a Cirque Terrible performer with a unique talent and receives distressing news about Tinderbell and The Glutton. Back in New Orleans, Dahlia comes face to face with her deadly vampire rivals.

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